Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Extend the life of your blowout or hairstyle!

Gloss & Toss Dry Shampoo is the latest in dry shampoo technology & provides the best results in reviving your hair style. Helps "wake up" dull or lifeless hair and gives that perfect little boost in between styles. Absorbs oil at the root to extend the life of your style or blow-out. An absolute favorite among leading hair stylists and beauty experts.

EXCLUSIVE GLOSS & TOSS TIP: Before applying Gloss & Toss Dry Shampoo, blot scalp area with oil-blotting papers or soft tissue to remove excess oil or build-up first. This helps Dry Shampoo disperse more effectively and gives fuller results. PARABEN-FREE. NO ANIMAL TESTING!.

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What It Is:
Gloss & Toss Dry Shampoo is a leader in Dry Shampoo technology and helps extend the life of your blow-dry or style.

Who It's For:

  • Clients who routinely blow-dry their hair
  • Clients who need to add an extra day or two to their hairstyle
  • Clients who want to "revive" the texture or fullness of their hairstyle
  • Clients who travel frequently and need a quick "Hair Help Me" while traveling

Key Benefits:
  • Helps absorb excess oil or build-up at scalp area to give fuller effect to style
  • Helps extend the life of blow-out or style
  • Protects integrity of color treated hair by adding a little time between washes
How To Use:
  • TIP: Prior to applying Dry Shampoo to hair, use an oil-blotting sheet or tissue to absorb excess oil or build-up at root area. This will help Dry Shampoo disperse more evenly.
  • Mist Dry Shampoo to hair where hairstyle may have fallen flat since your last blow-out or style
  • Blow-dry these areas loosely with fingers to allow Dry Shampoo to work through those areas
  • Style or complete as desired
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