Flex Spray Versatile Hairstyling Spray

Versatile Hairspray that gives hold, support and protection from humidity while ProVitamin B5 helps keep hair strong. 

Flex Spray is a miracle of a hairspray that gives flexible results! Our advanced dispensing technology lets you decide the type of "spray-and-hold" pattern you want.  FLEX SPRAY also protects against humidity and thermal styling without building up on hair.  Provides "brush-through" results and can be reapplied as needed without build up.  Ideal for all hair types. 

YOU SET THE HOLD LEVEL:     L, M, H  (Low, Medium, High)

DIRECTIONS:   Shake well.  Select nozzle to desired level (L, M, H).   Hold can 10-12 inches from hair and spray as needed based on settings below.  

L = Light-hold style & working spray
M = Ideal for fashion styling
H = Firmer hold styling

CELEBRITY TIP:  Blow-dry hair using Gloss & Toss® SHINE and set hair in barrel curls (using classic duck-bill clips) when drying.  Spray Gloss & Toss® FLEX-SPRAY evenly over hair and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes.  Remove clips and shake loose.   Finish with Gloss & Toss® SURF SPRAY for added texture and beachy finish.  


Begin your styling session with the Gloss & Toss® DETANGLE BRUSH or the Gloss & Toss® PADDLE BRUSH
Prep hair with Gloss & Toss® PREP for easier brushing and protection against thermal styling
Apply Gloss & Toss® ROOT LIFT for added volume and lift at the crown area

Flex Spray: (10oz / 284g)